Swimming Pool Maintenance & Service

Servicing Southeast Wisconsin’s Inground Pools

Maintaining your inground swimming pool doesn’t have to be a pain. With service from Bob’s you’ll enjoy more time in the pool and less time working on the pool! Whether it is once a year, once a month, or once a week, we’re here to help you get the most from your backyard investment. Our comprehensive swimming pool maintenance experience includes:

  • Spring swimming pool opening
  • Swimming pool cleaning
  • Pump and heater repair and replacement
  • Pool filter cleaning and maintenance
  • Pool equipment parts
  • Chemical supplies and water chemistry
  • Pool auto cover or solar blanket care
  • Equipment, safety cover, and pool winterization services
  • Automated pool vacuums
  • Pool liner replacements

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Inground Pool Maintenance in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, and Other Southeastern Wisconsin Counties

Comprehensive Service, Complimentary Training, Caring Smiles, Friendly Faces

At Bob’s Pool Builders, we believe a customer is for life. Whether you built a new custom swimming pool with us or bought a home that had a Bob’s pool in the backyard, we continue to service our customers long after construction. Proper opening and closing procedures, preventative equipment maintenance, and chemicals and supplies are just a few of our specialties. And, our comprehensive new pool orientation isn’t just for new projects. New home? Teaching your son or daughter their new family chore? New equipment or feature? Just need a refresher? Give us a call for a complimentary equipment orientation session.

Swimming Pool Opening & Closing Services

From clearing water lines in the fall to prevent cracking and freezing to getting your oasis glimmering before that Memorial Day party, Bob’s full-service technicians provide opening and closing services to make your life easier and your pool last longer!

Equipment Repair & Maintenance

A healthy swimming pool isn’t just about great water chemistry. The skilled swimming pool technicians at Bob’s help keep your pump, heater, auto cover, water feature, and other swimming equipment in tip-top shape season after season.

Pool Liner Replacements

When the time comes to replace the liner in your Bob’s inground swimming pool, we can help you change the look of your pool in just a day or two! The vermiculite substrate will be checked and repaired while special vacuums ensure a wrinkle-free liner fit!

Pool Chemical & Other Supplies

From everyday items like chlorine tabs and shock to testing supplies and specialty chemicals, Bob’s has a broad inventory to choose from. With free local delivery, we make restocking a cinch so you always have the supplies you need!


“We purchased our home in 2014 and had never owned a pool before. Bob’s had done the installation and when I called them, they were very responsive in addressing my needs. They have helped me in maintaining the pool with attention to every detail, the people they send out for servicing are always polite, knowledgeable, and on-time.”

Bob's Commitment To You

It’s not just a truck, it’s a Warehouse on Wheels! When our service technician pulls into your driveway, they bring a lot more than knowledge and a hard work ethic with them. We believe the best way to W.O.W. our customers is by bringing the power of products, chemicals, parts, and more to each service call. Inside each Warehouse on Wheels you’ll find:

  • Knowledgeable, friendly technicians who provide great service and support to keep you swimming in smiles
  • Chemical and consumable supplies, delivered free to your doorstep
  • A large inventory of parts and replacement equipment, ensuring swift repairs and maintenance
  • We’re just a phone call away from our local distributor network should a part need to be ordered

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We service inground swimming pools across Southeast Wisconsin. Need a repair? Give us a call!