Financing & Budgeting For Your New Pool

Complete Inground Pool Packages

Planning your swimming pool project can be a fun task – especially if you are able to plan and budget accordingly. At Bob’s Pool Builders, we can help you navigate your choices and weigh your options, making your brand new backyard oasis a reality – not just a far-fetched dream. And, our complete swimming pool packages are surprise-free, including all of the essential equipment, startup materials, and service you’ll need such as:

  • Permits and municipal fees
  • Allowances for stone, gas, plumbing, and electric
  • Fencing, gate, coping, and concrete allowances
  • Pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, and control panel
  • Handrails and ladders
  • Auto cover, solar cover, safety cover, vacuum
  • Water and initial chemical treatments
  • Comprehensive new pool training session
  • Your first year’s pool closing and winterizing
  • Your first year’s pool opening

Let us help you build the pool of your dreams – on time and on budget!

Payment Terms & Financing Options

Understanding The Cost Of Building A New Pool

From increasing your home’s value to saving money on summer activities, nothing outweighs the cost of constructing a new pool like the FUN you will have enjoying it. That being said, we understand that dreams aren’t a reality until they are bought and paid for, which is why we’ve partnered with some of the best providers in new swimming pool financing. At Bob’s Pool Builders, we require a deposit of $3,000-$5,000 when you sign your contract, with the balance being paid throughout the installation process. Our team can help you weigh your options, and give helpful advice on how to make your swimming pool project an affordable investment for your home and family!

LightStream Lending

An online consumer lender, LightStream* offers unsecured financing for people with excellent and substantial credit. Enjoy fixed low-interest rates with no fees and a great customer experience!

*A division of Sun Trust Bank

Paramount Capital

From fast and easy loan applications to zero collateral loan options, Paramount Capital helps you pre-apply for swimming pool financing online and delivers your financing options within 24 hours. Check out their helpful pool financing video and learn more today.

Home Equity Loan

Nothing says easy like working with your very own banker or mortgage company to set up a home equity line of credit. Using the equity in your home is a great way to make your swimming pool project a reality, typically offering very affordable rates.

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“We will be enjoying the 11th year of our backyard paradise! We can thank Bob’s Pool Builders for that! They were a pleasure to work with when we installed. Prices were competitive and their customer service was wonderful. The best part is that customer service has continued throughout the last 11 years. We honestly don’t need to contact them much… Our pool is pretty easy to manage, not a lot of work, and not expensive to run. We are very thankful we used Bob’s to install!”

How Much Does A New Pool Cost?

So, just how much does a new pool cost? We get asked that question all the time. New pool costs vary greatly based on the size and shape, specific installation needs of your yard, and the custom options you choose to add on. Typically, a Bob’s pool starts at $120,000 plus the cost of landscaping.

We will work with you throughout the process to select and stick to a budget within your comfort level. You will know when you sign the contract how much your new pool is going to be because our estimates are inclusive, including materials and labor, so there are no surprises down the road. Our goal is to be realistic and honest when talking about pricing because we want you satisfied through the process – budgeting, building, and beyond.

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We’d welcome the chance to chat. Whether it’s in the backyard or at your dining room table, our pool sales representative is eager to help you get started building the pool of your dreams.