Inground Swimming Pool Installation

Step by Step, Simply the Best in New Pool Construction

The new pool installation and construction process can seem a bit overwhelming. Having a good understanding upfront can minimize questions, concerns, and problems along the way. At Bob’s Pool Builders, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive bid and design process so you know exactly what to expect. Quality means choosing the best products and partners. With more than 500 pools to our name, our history of providing the best swimming pool construction experience in Southeastern Wisconsin speaks for itself.

✓ Pool Construction Details Off in 3 Easy Steps

Design For Your Lot

Different in every city, town, and village, we start by helping to decode lot setbacks and easements to determine the appropriate size, shape, and location for your swimming pool.

Get Permits & Approvals

From municipal and building permits to Home Owners Association blessing, all new pools require a series of permits and approvals before construction begins.

Coordinate Trade Partners

An important last step, we help coordinate the electricians, landscapers, masons, and other trade partners who are involved with each new custom pool we build.

An Inclusive Installation Process

There are 10 steps in our new pool construction process – each essential for the successful outcome of your project. Perhaps that’s why we prefer to only service pools we’ve built – because we know that comprehensive quality and skilled workmanship during construction means a better pool for years to come. Our inclusive installation process includes key elements like:

  • Site Access, Zoning, Permitting, and HOA Drawings
  • Inclusive allowances for Coping and Fence
  • Coordination of all mechanical subcontractors and services
  • Site preparation and excavation with Bob’s-owned equipment prevents delays
  • Water, system startup, and initial chemical treatments
  • Equipment and maintenance training
  • Coordination of landscaping and masonry subcontractors
  • First winterization and installation of winter pool cover at closing included, as well as first opening

From site preparation to closing your pool at the end of your first year – Bob’s Pool Builders provides an inclusive experience.

Swimming Pool Construction Process

  • Stake site for excavation per plans
  • Prepare site for equipment access
  • Excavation of your project performed by Bob’s
Footings & Walls
Footings & Walls
  • Concrete footings poured
  • Equipment pad poured
  • Steel wall panels assembled
  • Wall foam insulation installed
Vermiculite Bottom
Vermiculite Bottom
  • Substrate installed at bottom of pool
  • Insulates from ground temperature
  • Flexes with freezing and thawing
Liner & Water Installed
Liner & Water Installed
  • Custom liner installed
  • Vacuum fitted to remove wrinkles
  • Temporary safety fence installed
  • Water installed
Backfill Stone
Backfill Stone
  • Backfill around pool with stone
  • Ensure proper substrate for decking
  • Regrade soil around pool area
  • Plumbing by Bob’s
  • Electrical and gas by contractors
  • Install, program, start and test systems
  • Add chemicals
  • Setup forms
  • Pour decking
  • Pool coping
  • Cure for 7-10 days
Black aluminum fence with a single arched gate surrounding a rectangular inground pool.
  • Remove temporary fence
  • Permanent fence installation
  • Gate installation
  • Fence substrate installation
Final Accessories/ Cover/ Options
Final Accessories/ Cover/ Options
  • Cover installed
  • Games, rails, and accessories installed
  • Onsite training
Inground pool with diving board and bubblers on sunshelf.
  • Walls
  • Bed preparation
  • Grading and plantings

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