Swimming Pool Maintenance And Repair

Less Time, Less Effort With Help From Bob’s

Bob’s Pool Builders offers swimming pool maintenance and repair services to ensure your pool investment remains in excellent condition. Regular and proper maintenance will lengthen the life and increase the value of your swimming pool and equipment, as well as minimize the possibility of unforeseen issues arising. Our expert swimming pool technicians are APSP certified and dedicated to the care and quality of your pool. Bob’s Pool Builders is here to make sure your pool stays in optimal condition, always ready for your use.

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Pool Filter Maintenance & Repair

Keep pool filters running at optimal efficiency

One key aspect to keeping your inground pool clean and refreshing is ensuring your pool filters are running at optimal efficiency. We provide helpful information to keep your pool filtration system running well and provide service when you encounter issues along the way. Pool skimmer baskets are necessary ways to keep your pool clean – and whether you’re looking to replace a pool filter cartridge or purchase a new swimming pool filter, the experienced professionals at Bob’s Pool Builders will help you make the right decision.

Pool Pump Maintenance & Repair

Experience up to 80% energy savings

Pool pump maintenance is an important facet of keeping your pool running smoothly. From parts and equipment repair to total pump replacement, Bob’s Pool Builders can help. If it’s time to purchase a new pool pump, we can advise you on the system that is best for you. We can help you decode the difference between a 3/4 horsepower and a newer, variable speed pump which can provide up to 80% energy savings. These quiet, efficient pumps turn over the water to meet EPA standards and make no more than a quiet hum similar to your air conditioner.

Inground Swimming Pool Cleaning

Schedule visits weekly, biweekly, or on demand

In addition to maintenance calls such as pool opening and pool closing, Bob’s offers total maintenance calls. Schedule visits weekly, biweekly, or on demand to fit your vacation or entertaining needs. We will maintain your equipment, vacuum, empty your skimmer, and ensure chemicals are added and balanced as needed. Skip the scrubbing. Skip the skimming. Skip the hassle with help from Bob’s. To schedule regular pool maintenance call (262) 593-5242 .

Order Pool Chemicals & Supplies

Pool Chemical Supplies

Featuring free local delivery of chemicals and supplies

It’s important to keep the correct levels of pool chemicals present in your swimming pool. We can supply you with the best pool chemicals and outfit you with many options to keep a clean, refreshing pool! Free delivery inside our local service area of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, and other Southeast WI counties ensure that you have all the supplies on hand that you need to keep your water chemistry in perfect balance.


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