Vinyl Lined Steel Wall Inground Pools

The Best Pool Type For Wisconsin

When you live in Southeastern Wisconsin, you understand how fleeting summer can be. From auto cover solutions that extend your pool season to choosing the best pool construction methods to weather tough winters, Bob’s Pool Builders has good news for midwesterners. A little cold is no reason to endure the sweltering heat and humidity of August without a backyard pool! While other areas of the country see more concrete and acrylic inground pool construction, we’ve specialized in vinyl lined steel wall pools because they stand the test of time and stand up to everything Wisconsin can throw at them!

Designed to Withstand Wisconsin ❅ Weather

Average in January

While Wisconsin summers are sweltering, winters can be tough on pools. Vinyl lined steel walls protect your investment from our ever-changing elements!

Deep Average Frost Line

Our deep frost lines often cause popping, heaving, and cracking in fiberglass and concrete pools, while a flexible vinyl liner prevents these issues.

Lower Cost of Installation

On average, you can expect to save over 30% on the design and installation of a vinyl lined pool over the cost of gunite swimming pools.

Why Vinyl Lined Steel Wall Pools?

Unlike their concrete and acrylic pool counterparts, vinyl lined steel wall pools are a perfect fit for our Wisconsin weather. Our decades of experience in swimming pool construction has narrowed to this method, ensuring what we build is enjoyed for years to come – because with a shorter swimming season, you want that new pool glimmering each and every spring! Vinyl lined steel wall pools:

  • Provide longer, more durable liner life with new technologies
  • Are low maintenance surfaces – they don’t require replastering, retiling, or acid washing
  • Offer unlimited shape and size potential
  • Change the whole look of your pool in a day when the time does come to replace your liner
  • Have a softer, cushioned surface
  • Don’t pop, crack, or heave like concrete and fiberglass pools

Enjoy a fully customizable, easy-to-maintain inground pool with all the bells and whistles you want.

See it Installed for Yourself

Perhaps the best way to understand how a steel wall inground pool is built is to see it under construction. This installation time lapse video shows the deep footings, flexible vermaculate bottom, and proper backfill that are critical steps in constructing a pool that’s fit for Wisconsin weather. See for yourself how this installation process comes together, from excavation to completion!

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